About us

Gulfy is an all-new platform that launched in June 2017 with the goal to modernize and shake up the recruitment industry. For too long job seekers have suffered when trying to secure a job, but thanks to Gulfy things will now start to change. 

The job industry is very competitive, and we aim to provide our users with the best help they can get. The system will also assist in making important career decisions. For instance, what skills/industries are in the most demand. There may be no need for graphic designers, yet significant demand for 3D animators. Knowing this critical information is paramount for graduates and employees alike to make sometimes hard, yet correct decisions regarding their career path and specializations. 


When listing on Gulfy.com your job automatically goes out to other sites to help reach more candidates. Our preferred partner sites include: Jooble SA


The Fastest Growing Platform in the Region (MENA)

"Introduced new technology to revitalize and transform the recruitment industry in the Gulf

"The fastest-growing platform is revolutionizing the approach to employment in the Gulf