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2020 Summer in Dubai

By Inas Adel

If you are like me, then you are probably one of those people spending their summer vacations here, in the UAE, instead of visiting your family back home due to the pandemic. This could be extremely challenging for expats, especially teachers, who are used to spending at least four weeks with their family every year during this time. This is just one of the many “perks” of COVID 19.

Furthermore, the necessary precautions taken as well as the scorching weather might not give you much room for so many activities to do this summer. You need to be only ‘3’ people in a vehicle, you must wear your face masks at all times, and you must house a maximum of 5 people in your house. Additionally, a simple walk down the streets of Downtown or a by the beach is unbearable during this weather!

So what can you do? Now, I am not going to tell you to go shopping or go out for lunch or dinner, because you have obviously done that already and you are sick of it! Here is a list 6 new ideas for things to do this summer.



  • Go Bowling


Gather your friends (according to the seating capacity of the place) and go to a bowling alley. There is one in DBC as well as one in Ibn Batutta Mall named Switch. However, you must book in advance in order to guarantee to find a place for you and your friends.



  • Cook New Recipes


With a lot of time spent at home, you have more time to look up some new recipes and try them at home.  Cooking could be a lot of fun! Look up You-Tube tutorials on recipes you have always wanted to try at home, and if you get it wrong, who cares? Keep practicing until that is your signature plate!



  • Start your own “Book Club”


This is only an option for bookworms, or people who love reading in their spare time. Pick out a book of your choice, and choose a friend, family member or even your partner to read it with you. Agree on times where you can meet in order to discuss together the chapters that you read. You can even do it with people who are not in the same country as you! Discuss together via skype, zoom or even through whatsapp voice notes. Currently, I am discussing “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” with my dad in Egypt, and we are simply reflecting, and discussing our findings together through whatsapp. It is a great bonding experience, and, it is A LOT of fun!



  • Work on your own Self Development


Is there this course you have always wanted to take but never found the time to? Is there a language you wanted to learn? Do you need to update your cv or Linked In Profile? Have you always wanted to create a Porfolio of your best work but it seemed like a lot of effort and time? Do you need to take a specific examination for work?

Now is your chance for all of that! You have nothing but free time.



  • Have a “Game Night” with your friends.


This doesn’t have to be in a home if you are too many. You can just agree to meet up for lunch somewhere and then play something of your choice! You can bring your own board games, cards, uno, dominoes… you name it!


  • Spend a day on the Beach or by The Pool.


I don’t need to expand a lot on how refreshing that would be, and how you need it more than anything in this weather! Go to the beach with your friends or on your own and spend the day there. You can also just spend the day by the pool of your tower or neighborhood, as most of them already have one as part of the facilities for tenants. This is the easy, go-to, lazy option for anyone who does not want to get themselves dirty or doesn’t want to commute! 


Those are just a few ideas for how you can spend your summer vacation. You can create your own list and enjoy the thrill of checking off items on your  to-do list (like I do :D) or you can simply take it as a chance to relax and enjoy the opportunity to be free. You earned it!