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Abu Dhabi: Schools offer fee discounts amid COVID-19

Abu Dhabi: Schools offer fee discounts amid COVID-19

Some schools of Abu Dhabi has decided to provide a discount in fees after the decision of remote learning taken by the schools for the current school terms. Abu Dhabi’s education sector regulator ADEK has urged schools to offer fee discount to the parents in the current economic situation arises due to COVID-19.

The percentage of discounts may differ from school to school or institute to institutes. Like, Alder Academics, the name which comes under one of the leading education providers in Emirate will allow parents a discount of 20% in fees for the current terms. Also, decided to give an option to the concerned parents to pay the fees over a term of 4 months. The same discount is also applicable to many academic institutes like AL Ain Academy, Pearl Academy, West Yas Academy, Al Munna Academy, Al Bateen Academy, Al Yasmina Academy and Al Mamoura Academy.

Earlier Alder Academics has announced a refund of any catering and transportation fee for the term of 3 months. Furthermore, the education provider has offered zero percent interest monthly payment plan for the current academic session 2020-2021. The plan is offered to help the parents manage their expenditure in the current situation and also to avoid any types loan to pay school fees.

Again, Taleem, the education provider informed parents that Raha international school will help them by offering a 25% discount to kindergarten and foundation students, the students of primary and elementary will get a 20% discount and the same discount will be offered to secondary schools also.

On the other hand, the international Indian school has decided to waive the transport fee including a 30% discount for the current term. The siblings of the student will also get a discount of 10%-15% of the fee.

The education provider GEMS has said to waive registration fee, administration and assessment fees including fee deferment.

Schools and colleges are also among those places which help coronavirus to spread rapidly. So, to break the chain of infection it is very important to close the schools until the situation comes under control.