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Artificial Intelligence is the Promising Future

Artificial Intelligence is the Promising Future

By Dr.Mohammed Khalaf, A Ph.D,

Innovation technology is a fundamental part of human development and progress. Artificial intelligence (AI) is one such promising innovation, particularly in education. Artificial Intelligence is an argumentative topic as it can change the way of our thinking about the future of education.  We will be in the right way if we say machine learning will ease a lot of processes and solve a lot of problems, especially in these pandemic days. In the same context, giving free power to Machine learning may create a space for destruction in case of giving a wrong order. In this article, I will tackle some pros of Artificial intelligence.

Limited errors production
One of the artificial intelligence pros that machines work according to a systematic of recorded instructions so it can take the right decision with limited errors- making.

Taking responsibility for risky circumstances
Humans can face a lot of risky situations in the learning process like chemical experiments.  AI can be the best solution in risky situations as it can take the turn of humans to save his life in many cases.

Take the responsibility of routine
AI gives the responsibility of creativity whereas AI takes the responsibility of routine and usual tasks

- Fast running of information
AI can run and work on data without stopping. AI has the power to work for a long time and produce accurate data. It does not need to review data and supported information every time.

Cheap and fewer workplaces
AI or machine learning does not need to have well-furnished offices or highly- conditioned places to work. It can work and store in small places so the cost of the workplace will not be costly but it threatens workers as it can take some of their jobs.

Finally, experts consider AI will be the new revolution in technology that will help all fields to achieve their targets. Our next article will tackle how we use AI in education.