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Be A Parent leader Everywhere

Be A Parent leader Everywhere

By John Gora

As a Parent Family comes First 

A parent will always do his best to provide for the family. But who do will call a family? Does it start and stop at home, NO. A family is a place where you belong. a small community of two or three to millions of people. that surely makes up a family. School, your workplace, church or mosque or temple this make up a family. 

In each family, there is always the head of a home or a house, the one we all turn to when things are going beyond control. The one we all trust the shade coming from their wings. This is is where we all learn to love or to hate, to be hardworking or to be lazy. Productivity starts here. The same way they treat their family is reflected in how their family behaves outside their premises. 


Leading Like Parent 

leadership is not an acquisition of force and power to rule but the authority to oversee others through their transformation into leadership through coaching, training, delegation, and skill development initiatives.  This confidence has to be genuine and communicated clearly to the employee. Just like a parent you want to see your employees grow to be better. A leader is happy when an employee is developing and improving by the day. A manager is always worried when such developments appear around them. I have never seen a parent not sleeping because of his son's achievements beating his record. In most cases, they throw a party and celebrate together. Leaders must create a room for development, introduce new learning breaks and facilitation. organize benchmarking trips and create a great atmosphere for effective communication, up and down. 

Parents must learn to lead by example. Leading by example doesn’t call for perfection by any means. If adults can learn from their mistakes and can pass on those lessons to their children, the kiddos benefit greatly.

Parents encourage their kids to put more effort to overcome their weaknesses, the same way a leader should behave, encourage improvement, be a leader who sees the one positive effort out of a thousand failures, that is why someone came up with departments. We can never be equal, teamwork solves the 'a thousand weaknesses.' 


Lead People and Manage Machines 

Do you respect your competition, or look down on them? The word “compete” is a derivative of two Latin words, com and petere, meaning “seek together”, so that it is only with a healthy competition that we discover our best performance. Interestingly, this competitive spirit is something. I have read many stories about great athletes, like Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Eliud Kipchoge and other world-famous personalities like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, etc. Something very clear about these guys. There was no force behind them created by a manager. Their Parents managed their upbringing but they became what they loved doing and did again and again with encouragement from one or two friends who believed in them. When you stop managing people and start managing what they use, making sure that their efficiency is in good condition everything changes and results are a sure bet. 

Simon Sinek in his TED Talk, how 'Great leaders inspire action' He said “We put the lives of our children before our own. We want them to grow up, become confident and go on and achieve more than we could ourselves,” he said. “Leadership is exactly, the same. Leaders are the ones who are willing to risk, when it matters, their interests, so that others may advance.”He said that just like becoming a parent is a choice, being a good leader is also a choice.

Create An Enabling Environment 

As a leader, it is not a good way to wait for mistakes to create rules. Managers will always want to blame thus waiting for it to come. They will shout at the top of their voices to raise tension. Then go and sit inside their coffee room also called the office to make rules that to them they believe is the cure to the problem at hand. A good parent sits down with the family and discusses the issue to find out the root cause and come to a collective resolution agreed upon by all the members. The same applies to leadership, allow everyone to feel at home, let. Are you willing to cut your interest so that others can get up? Simon Sinek says this "Our natural inclination is to trust and cooperate. But, trust and cooperation are not instructions. I can’t just tell you to trust me. And, I can’t simply tell two people ‘I want you to cooperate,’” he said. “Trust and cooperation are feelings induced by the environment in which we’re working and that environment is created by the leaders.” 

If you cannot win the trust of your team. You are not a leader but a manager. Be ready to trust your team such that you can go on a trip and switch your phone off but still wake up and spend more than sixty minutes without rushing to your phone or laptop. Some leaders are so insecure that the walk with close monitoring cameras at hand just to see what is happening inside their workplace. Such kind of 'leaders' should hang their boots. Leaders must take responsibility and not credit. Does it sound cruel to see several companies punish and shift blame to the junior workers when things go east? But when things get back home, the celebrate in high-end hotels where special car plate registration is ushered in forgetting to recognize the hardworking junior staff who does most of the Productivity.


Recognition is Greater than Reward  

Every time I stop my car, roll down the windscreen and say 'hello' to the security guard at the gate. I look straight into his eyes, and what I see is love and peace of mind. 'hello Boss' even after asking him to refer to me by name and simply add 'Mr.' he is still used to the authoritative manager he used to work under previously. ' How is your family and when did you talk to them last?' 'eh!!.. they are fine boss, just a few minutes ago boss!" he replies. This kind of short conversation leaves the guy much happier than his payday. But most managers do not realize that they think what the guy receives as a reward of sitting and standing, opening and closing gate saluting every manager who is always inclined inside their guzzlers with windscreens rolled up, perhaps they do not even see the color of his shirt.

Taking your time to recognize your team through little thank you notes. Sometimes showing up at their work station just to have a short friendly talk that is not attached to his work encourages them to feel at home. Postponing that usual coffee hour in your office and joining them in the dining hall gives them hope to trust every single facility around them including all machines being used it improves confidence and careful handling of the same machines. Unexpected gift on birthday or letter od appreciation after a hard day's work occasioned with say emergency evacuation. Visitor handling on a Public exhibition or sale promotion is key to your company's success. 

Lastly " As a leader, you don't earn any points for failing in a noble cause. You don't get credit for being 'right' as you bring the organization to a halt. Your success is measured by your ability to actually take the people where they need to go. But you can do that only if the people first buy into you as a leader. That's the reality of the Law of Buy-In." John C. Maxwell