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Corona; A Blessing in Disguise!

Corona; A Blessing in Disguise!

By Inas Adel

 So how is that homestay going? You might find yourself frequently daydreaming about the day you can finally step out into the real world. With the entire world going into quarantine, people are losing their minds out of boredom. Everyone is hoping against hope that the world would find a cure for this vicious pandemic sooner rather than later. News channels have become a major substitute for Netflix, playing in the background so everyone could be aware of any new, hopefully positive, updates. Businesses have shut down, and some people have lost a huge chunk of their monthly income. There is no denying that this is an extremely challenging period for everyone and will have drastically detrimental effects on the world’s economy.

 Things are a bit different, though, if we avert our eyes from the economic crisis taking place now and focus more on our own personal lives. Despite everything we are currently deprived of, there is a lot more that we have won in return. The key is to allow yourself to notice them. Yes, it sometimes feels like we are locked up, unable to extend beyond the parameters of our own homes. However, we have failed to realize that COVID 19, despite its deadly and contagious repercussions, has also given us a great gift, the gift of time.

  When was the last time you actually got a chance to pause, and stop thinking ahead? When was the last time you allowed yourself to stop worrying about will happen next and only focus on living in the moment? How relaxing does it feel, now that you do? And when was the last time you got a moment for yourself?

  The time that Corona has given us is more valuable than I can put into words. You finally get a chance to catch your breath and stop trying to keep up with the impossible, lightning-speed of life. I’m sure many people can’t remember the last time they got a chance to get some “me” time to pamper themselves, whether it was working out, writing in a diary, taking a long hot bubble bath, writing, drawing, sketching, coloring or even simply chilling in the balcony with a nice, hot cup of coffee and a good book. And all those favorited TV shows and movies on Netflix: now you can finally get down to watching them! All those Youtube cooking tutorials you spent hours watching and liking: now there is a chance to make them come to life. 

Not that kind of person? You’re the kind of person who hates feeling useless, and gets better satisfaction by crossing out some items on a to-do list, like me? Great! There are a lot of things you can accomplish too! Work on updating your CV and LinkedIn profile. Backup all your important laptop documents on your hard drive. Finally get down to clearing up that closet and categorizing your items by size, color or any other way you like. Take an online course on something that might boost your work profile or CV. Teach yourself a new skill such as touch typing. Create your own blog. Dedicate some time to yourself such as skin care and hair care through homemade recipes.

Another significant gift Corona has given us is the gift of appreciation. We can now truly appreciate the tiny, beautiful things we used to take for granted, such as the charming morning breeze, the warm sunlight, and the melodic chirping of birds, and the beautiful, comforting green of the trees. We can count our countless blessings as we stay in good health, with a roof over our heads and a temporary (even if not stable) monthly income. We have a greater understanding of family and friends, and we have a greater understanding of their importance in our lives. We fiercely long for that usual outing with the usual people in the usual place, only this time with a new kind of passion and gratitude. We have a more notable awareness and appreciation for good hygiene, cleanliness and cautiousness. And last but not least, we can now truly acknowledge and appreciate the tremendous effort and dedication of the real heroes of any society; doctors, nurses, teachers, delivery people, social workers, bankers, sales reps, cashiers, janitors, pilots, air cabin crew and so many other countless heroes I’m sure I have failed to mention.