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COVID-19: Fast growth in online shopping in Saudi Arabia

COVID-19: Fast growth in online shopping in Saudi Arabia

The strong preventive measures taken by Saudi Arabia’s government for pandemic COVID-19 have changed the buying behavior of consumers in the country. Now, the increasing pace of consumer’s online shopping has given a 400% jump in the online business.

Saudi Arabia’s government allowed delivery apps to give their service to the consumers during curfew hours that attracted more and more new customers to the services. People prefer this service because they don’t want to take risk of leaving home in this tough situation. They prefer to stay at home and buy all the products of their necessities without taking risk of coronavirus infection.

Though due to pandemic coronavirus, the shipping time has also increased but consumers are still satisfied with their online shopping choice instead of going to any market. Consumers are also given a facility to return their packages within 14 days of delivery if the product is found damaged or any other issue, they can also take refund  (If payment is made electronically).

However, some people still prefer to go to the hyper market or shops for shopping just for the change. They feel relief from the long stay at home and the constant negativity of coronavirus news.

According to the Ministry of interior source, restaurants will be allowed to operate delivery during Ramadan from 3 p.m. to 3 a.m for home delivery.

Overall, the online shopping habits of Saudi Arabia consumers are increasing day by day amid COVID-19 pandemic and the main reason is risk of leaving home.

 Presently, the total number of COVID-19 infected is around 15,000 and more than 2100 people has been recovered from the pandemic.