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By Tayiba Mohammad Zahoor

Every other day we hear news about youngsters jumping from the roof of the building, ingesting huge amount of drugs, hanging in the room and leaving behind a note for the family members saying “SORRY I QUIT!!’’

One word that is the reason behind all this disaster is DEPRESSION. This is an undiagnosed pandemic disease that kills numerous persons all over the world every day. It’s not just a word it’s bundle of unseen symptoms that a person goes through. It is a kind of an invisible worm that is born as a result of stressful environment and feeds on the mental health slowly and progresses with time being unidentified and ends up by taking a life. No one can identify whether a person is going through depression unless he\she speaks. The other drawback is that people feel shy to talk about it due to the fear of what others will think of them. This thinking has to be changed as we cannot let our youngsters to end their lives and leave a message behind for the coming generations that ending life is the only solution. There is need to spread awareness that mental health also matters and it should be taken seriously. People should be informed that it’s completely normal to talk about their stressing situation with the therapist and they should be advised to visit the therapist if they feel they cannot handle the situation by themselves or they should try to talk with any of their dear friends or family member and try to find a solution. The kids should be informed from the very young age that there every problem brings a solution with it; all we have to do is to have patience and wait for the right time. They should also be taught to develop sense of optimism and avoid the negative thoughts and criticisms as it’s the rule of nature; the tree which gives sweet fruits is the one that faces more stones.

Written by;

Tayiba Mohammad Zahoor.

Pharmacy Student (last year)

University of Nizwa, Oman