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Accor Hotels invited me to their event Festiv’ALL at Novotel Hotel World Trade Centre in Dubai, to introduce its new lifestyle loyalty program called ALL which stands for – Accor Live Limitless. The event took place on February 7, 2020 from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM with the aim to offer benefits, services, and experiences. ALL has 34 brands in 110 countries, 3,960 properties, from luxury to budget-friendly and resorts to home-stays. Plus 10% extra off on the first booking.

The moto of ALL is to ‘Live, Work, and Play’, this was showcased at the event with the following highlights: Guests who were invited, registered and were offered welcome drinks, there was a brief announcement called ‘Welcome to ALL’ which explained the concept and purpose of the event, along with a number of fun games for the guests.

These included: A Zumba workshop with Heartists, Creative Cupcake Class, and the ‘ALL Wall’. There were also a number of stands from the sponsors of the event, such as: Qantas Ice Cream, Babyshop, Aquafina, and Rayna Quanta, Euro Cake, Kibson’s, and Dreamwork’s spa. All of whom of whom offered their services. For the Zumba session most of the guests followed the instructor’s moves, with the cupcake class, guests were tutored by the chefs on how to decorate the cupcakes before doing it on their own, and the ‘ALL Wall’ was a photo wall with many photos of visitors, which were to be arranged by the guests. After the Zumba workshop and Creative Cupcake Class, some guests were selected to win prizes based on how they performed. Food and refreshments were offered as well, with one of the highlights being a cake with the ‘ALL’ logo on it. Towards the end of the event, there was a raffle draw, where seven people were selected to win prizes.

Overall, Festiv’ALL was a light-hearted and full-filled experience where everyone enjoyed themselves, and some people who participated in one of the exercises got to take home a prize. As well as for the raffle draw. A big thank you to Accor Hotels for organising this wonderful