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Filipino Creatives Bahrain accredited by the Philippine Embassy

Filipino Creatives Bahrain accredited by the Philippine Embassy

By:  Nanju Francisco

The art group Filipino Creatives Bahrain received a certificate of recognition from the Philippine Embassy in the Kingdom of Bahrain.  Philippine Ambassador His Excellency Alfonso A. Ver, and Head of the Cultural Centre, Ms. JieMarie Mortel-Ladrica awarded the certificate to the art group.

At the same time, the newly elected officers of the art group for the year 2021 had their oath taking in the presence of Ambassador Ver and Ms. Mortel-Ladrica. Also present in the occasion are Founding Members, Ms. Catherine Paje and Ms. Newlife Sarah Macarambon who received the certificate of recognition and showed support to the incoming officers.

Filipino Creatives Bahrain is the first and only Filipino art group accredited by the Philippine Embassy Cultural Office. The art group had exhibited their works in Bahrain since they are formed in 2018, including some of the biggest art exhibitions in Bahrain like “Bahrain Through Our Eyes”, “Ma Art’e” and “Crosscurrent: A Fusion of Art and Culture.”

Speaking to, founding member Catherine Paje said that Filipino Creatives Bahrain was very honoured and proud to join the groups accredited by the Philippine Embassy in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

“We are so grateful to His Excellency Ambassador Alfonso A. Ver, and to the Cultural Office, headed by Ms. Jiemarie Mortel-Ladrica for giving us this wonderful opportunity. This is one of the milestones of our art group. All of the artist members are happy and very proud about it,” she said.

“We are very excited to receive this recognition. We feel that we are on the right track. It was like an affirmation that the group is doing something relevant not just for the Filipinos but for all the communities in Bahrain. This means we now have a greater chance of reaching out to other groups and communities through our projects or events,” she added.

But aside from the excitement, Catherine said that they also felt that they were being trusted by the public so they have “the responsibility to come up with bigger and better events and projects.” 

When asked what her message to the Filipino community in Bahrain is, Catherine had this to say: 

“Thank you for all the support that we are getting. We cannot produce such big art exhibitions without the help of the Filipinos in Bahrain. Please continue to support us and we promise to do our best to lift and be proud of the talents of Filipinos in the world of arts.  

So how does one become a member of Filipino Creatives Bahrain?

“We are currently looking for new members because we regularly receive invitations to participate in different art events here in Bahrain. We are giving the chance to new artists to develop their talent through this group. FilCreatives continually gives old and new members the opportunities to showcase their artworks in different visual arts exhibition,” Catherine stated.    

“It is very easy to join in this group. First, you must be a Filipino, working or studying in Bahrain. And you can prove that you have an innate passion for the visual arts: painting, installation arts, sculpture, digital arts, film and animation. That means you must be ready to show samples of your works. For the emerging artists, don’t be shy to join us. Many artist members of this group started as beginners and self-taught. They, then, developed their talent through workshops and advices which they gained through this group,” she said.

”For non-Filipinos who are asking us if they can join, unfortunately they can’t join as members. But we are open to collaborate with them if they are willing to have a joint art exhibition with them. And we open the line-up of artists for other non-Filipinos through an Open Call. Just follow our Facebook Page and Instagram because we announce it through social media,” she added. 

For this year, the group plans to have to their all-Filipino visual arts exhibition in celebration of the Philippine Independence Day in June 2021 and another big visual arts exhibit together with international artists at the Bahrain Art Center later this year. The following are the Filipino Creatives Officers 2021: President: Hajji Celi Refugio;  Vice President: Alberto A. Magsuci; Secretary: Maria Carmella R. Solido; Treasurer: Aren Joy M. Salazar; Auditor: Karlo Angelo V. Papa; Sgt. at Arms: Rudy D. Perey; Sgt. at Arms: Rodrigo C. Masaque; P.R.O.: Emmanuel Joseph M. Reyes and P.R.O.: Kieran B. Calvelo.