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How to find employment

How to find employment

How to find employment Getting into the business world nowadays seems like a dream come true to many recent graduates, whether they have majored in Business Administration, Information Technology, Finance or Accounting. Most of us know that working is nothing like studying, and starting your first job can be a bit difficult, from learning life lessons and encountering first-time work-related issues to adapting to a new work-life and balancing it. However, once you're in the labour market and start building up experiences and draw your career path, it will always get more comfortable to be able to shift careers and change jobs. Here you will find some tips to help you find a job that matches your qualifications:

Give it time:

Sure, you want to get a job, but so do the other 3,000 students that just graduated in your field! Being in the same period where you and most of your friends hunt for jobs may make you think that your opportunity of getting one is close to zero. Well, news flash, it's not! You're all youth and very enthusiastic and eager to learn and apply what you have learned in your university years, which might maximize your chance to shine through the number of applicants. Some might get jobs before others, that's only because some feel more comfortable towards certain positions than others, or may have simply studied a different major that is in high demand, that does not mean it's impossible for you to get hired. Patience is the key to finding the first career of your life.

Beggars can't be chooser:

You are a fresh graduate with zero real work experience, please don't think that your first career will pay you premium, with your own office and paid leaves whenever you want. Bad news, this is not how it works. I remember my first job's office space looked like a classroom. 3 jobs later, it's still pretty much the same, only now I've been upgraded to a cubical office - so I'm not complaining!

Throw your CV anywhere everywhere:

Any possible way you think of that can get you a job, do it. Attend career fairs, apply online on the companies' website, social media or through specialized recruiting websites. Always make sure to use keywords in your CV, almost all websites now have some type of ranking system for candidates, and if your CV does not have the right keywords or is not specific enough, you'll be at the bottom of a vast pile of applicants -so therefore unlikely to even be seen. Ask your working friends, cousins, or even neighbours to share your CV with the HR department in the company they work at. Try to be a "walk-in", i.e. to visit companies, get to know the lovely people at the reception, and drop a hard copy of your CV on your way.

Make sure to follow the above tips to help you get hired. Remember that every businessman and woman started out somewhere at the beginning of the ladder. So again, be patient, not too demanding, and check that all people around you know that you're currently a job seeker so they can help out in one way or another.


By  Jawaher Alabdullatif | On 2017-10-06