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How to get a Job Promotion

How to get a Job Promotion

How to get a Job Promotion within your Company
Getting a promotion always brings a sigh of relief and a sense of achievement for all who have experienced it especially in their careers. The key to getting promoted at your workplace hinges on various factors some of which are well within your control. This article provides some useful tips on the actions to take to ensure you land that upcoming promotion at your workplace.

Step 1: Work with the right employer in the right Industry 
This should serve as the foundation of your desire to get a job promotion within your company. It's no use thinking about getting promoted when you're working for an establishment that lacks the capacity to promote you. 

A large organisation is more likely to have new and bigger projects more often than a smaller organisation and this puts them at a vantage point to have opportunities for promotion and hiring new employees. If your current organisation lacks this capacity to grow and you desire to get promoted, speak to your manager and if their response indicates that there's no opportunity in sight, it may be time to seek employment elsewhere.

Step 2: Be ready for it, improve on your skills 
If you're ready to be promoted, you have to be exceptional at what you do. A promotion can sometimes be offered as a reward for your outstanding efforts and the only way this is likely to happen is if you're exceptional in your current role. In order to excel in your current role at your workplace, you will need to sharpen up your skills through training and sheer zeal. 

Apart from being exceptional and improving your skills, you also need to be willing to go the extra mile for the company. Turn up at work ten minutes before you're scheduled to start and leave five minutes after work everyday and soon your managers and director will most likely discover just how committed and selfless you are at the company and as the next promotion cycle comes along, you'll definitely be up for consideration.

Step 3: Make your intentions known
This might sound a bit awkward but it's actually the right thing to do. If you're really interested in getting promoted, it makes a lot of sense to have a word with your manager just to hint them about your expectations in the next promotion cycle. Just as job seekers are generally advised to brag about their skills and achievements, promotion seekers need to do the same. This is neither the time to be subtle or modest, it's the time to be outspoken about the value you ring to the company.

In some situations, your manager may actually be able to provide you with clear guidance on the requirements for your next promotion and even when they don't do this, they still keep an eye out on your endeavors within the organization.

Step 4: Apply for internal roles
In years and decades past, employees in organizations could sit back and wait to receive notification of their promotion in the mail or from their managers. Well, those days are long gone. Employers nowadays usually advertise new roles internally before advertising them to the public so if you're keen on landing that promotion, there's no need to wait for the next promotion cycle, apply for an internal role that suits your skills and that's a step up from your current position.

In very large multinationals, for instance, the hiring managers are sometimes not very visible and may be located in other cities. If you find yourself in this position, applying for an internally advertised position may be your best shot at getting promoted.

Step 5: Maintain a Positive disposition
The importance of maintaining a positive disposition in your quest for getting promoted within your company goes beyond promotions, it is a core necessity for keeping your job. No one wants to work with a grumpy colleague and the bottom line is that if everyone eventually tags you as overly negative in your workplace, then that perception will eventually creep into the work you do, consequently making it more difficult to get a job promotion within your company.

In order to get your desired promotion, you must maintain a cheerful and positive disposition at all times. Your positivity will rub off on colleagues as optimism and when this happens, they're more likely to turn to you for workplace solutions and if you're the "go to" guys when people have a problem at work, you're perceived to be very valuable and only valuable people get promoted.

Step 6: Train your Successor 
Don't end up becoming too valuable in your current position with no subordinates or colleagues able to fill your role. In situations like that, the company may be inclined to allow you continue excelling in your current position.

By mentoring and training subordinates or colleagues, you're not only preparing a successor for your current position, you're also displaying a selfless attitude which is very attractive to watch. By mentoring a junior colleague, you would be displaying some of the skills required for the promotion ahead.

Step 7: Get ahead of the Pack
Now that you're feeling ready to get promoted within your company, you need to set yourself apart from the crowd of colleagues looking to get promoted too. You'll need to be well ahead of the competition to stand a chance of winning the promotion. One way of staying ahead is by requesting for more responsibilities in your current role.

When you request for more responsibilities at your workplace, it takes the burden off the shoulders of others especially those above you and also increases your efficiency over time. Increased efficiency will lead to increased productivity and the most productive staff is usually first in line to be considered for promotion.

Step 8: Proactively prepare for the upcoming role
Just as it is important to be exceptional in your current position by improving on skills currently required, preparing for the role ahead is also equally important. In order to prove you're ready for the step up, you need take proactive steps by gaining the skills and even experience required for your desired role. Many large organisations offer or permit shadowing positions and offer opportunities for employees to get trained so take advantage of this. 

Get permission from your managers to regularly shadow someone that's currently holding your desired position and when the opportunity for promotion comes along. You'll be up first for consideration as the company would believe that you already possess the understanding of the role and some key skills required.

Proactively preparing for the role ahead could also mean making enquiries from your managers concerning when better opportunities are likely to come up or even what their roles entail. This is another subtle way of indicating your interest in a promotion and more importantly, it helps your mind proactively prepare and stay ready for whatever comes along.

Step 9: Creating a new position 
You may already be asking how this is even possible but it definitely is. In the unlikely event that there is no position that's a step up for you in your current organization, observe and study the organization for key problems that require specific skills and specialization that do not currently exist within your organization. Get trained in those areas either internally or externally and here comes the interesting part. You'll need to hold build a case within your current organization on the need for this new skill and specialization you have gained and why or how you believe it would bring value to the organization and help them grow. If you get this right, the organization will need to create a new position or at least improve your current position.

Creating a new position within your organization could also come as a result of discovering a potentially key function that can help improve the organization. In this instance, you may already have the skills required and would simply need to make this known to your managers whilst also indicating your interest in filling the new position should it be created. If the organization buys the idea, you'll automatically become the best candidate for the new position.

Step 10: Wait for it
This may not be considered as a necessary step but it is equally important. After playing your part and doing your due diligence, you will need to exercise some level of patience as you await your promotion within your company. 

The promotion may not have come simply because the company hasn't had any new acquisitions or secured any recent projects that may require workforce expansion. Nevertheless, as long as you work in a company and industry where growth is possible, the promotion will definitely come along and it won't take as long as it would in low-growth industries or smaller companies.

Finally, it is important to understand that just because you desire a promotion doesn't mean it'll come immediately. However, by consistently following the above steps and remaining patient, you're far more likely to succeed and hopefully, quit asking questions on how to get a job promotion within your company.

By  Abdullah | On 2019-05-28