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How to manage stress in Covid -19?

How to manage stress in Covid -19?

By Roohi Iqbal Shawl

Even the year, 20-20 has brought tremendous change in our values, responsibilities and personality in every person of the world whether rich or poor, black or white in every nook of the world. Amidst these tensions around, life has to carry on with our near and dear ones. These tensions and updates not only bring worries to us but also make us stressed.                  

Life has to be balanced and it can be done by proper management of time and starting the day with a smile. Stress is a normal part of life. You can experience stress from your environment, your body, and your thoughts. Do not let it overrule you. Do the following things to keep yourselves out of stress.

  1. Cherish everything you have.

  2. Spend time with your loved ones. It can be your parents, friends on the phone or anyone you like.

  3. Do exercises like yoga, pilates or play games with your siblings.

  4. Be optimistic and believe it shall also pass.

  5. Most importantly, do not overeat. It will make you lose confidence in yourself. Eat healthy food like fruits, veggies, nuts and cereal. Avoid ordering junk food as much as possible.

  6. Manage, maintain your schedule for the day.

  7. Read books to gain vocabulary which will give you extra knowledge and confidence.

  8. Complete errands which you could never do, thinking this time will never again.

  9. Wear the attire you like the most.

  10. Get surrounded by lively people who are helpful and humorous.