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Is distance learning truly effective?

Is distance learning truly effective?

Education keeps improving and changing through time. The demands of life force people to accept what they used to refuse in the past. In fact, the idea of distance learning was not approved by many, as they believe that it won’t be as effective as traditional learning. However, when circumstances threaten people’s life such as nowadays epidemic “the Corona virus”, then the safest option will be learning from a distance. 

The question that remains in mind to many of us: Is distance learning truly effective? Answering this question relies mostly on each individual’s experience with the distance learning mode and on the learning style he or she prefers. Also, distance learning works best for those who like to work independently and do not need others’ support in class. In addition to the flexibility and affordability that many students might find in this mode of learning in terms of time and cost.

But what about young learners who are newly adapted to distance learning? Are they satisfied and comfortable about it? According to recent studies, many students and parents seem satisfied and comfortable about distance learning because of the quality of education provided by the schools and their teachers and the system they are following in delivering the curriculum to their learners. Further, they think that distance learning teaches students to be independent and responsible of their own learning which reflects on the 21st century skills’ need.

On the other hand, many were disappointed in this regard as a result of poor quality of teaching by teachers who do not have enough experience in using technology to deliver the content and lack of students’ actual interaction in each online session. Moreover, distance learning might be challenging to special need students who require specific assistance and extra attention, therefore, such mode of learning seems unsuitable to them.

In a nutshell, distance learning has its advantages and disadvantages. It might not be the best choice for every student, but understanding its benefits and importance for the time being will make people decide to accept it as an alternative to traditional learning.