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Is the newspaper dying out?

Is the newspaper dying out?

Someone asked me, "Why do you still want to work in a newspaper which is a dying industry?" I replied, "Why not?"


I've been a journalist and editor for many years now and writing is my passion. I cannot think of another profession which could replace my love for journalism - especially the print media. I still believe in the power of the "good old newspaper." I've been a print journalist for so long now and I am still in love with the “traditional” newspaper.


Many believe that in a few years, nobody would read the printed newspaper anymore. Someone even told me, "Nobody reads the newspaper anymore!" While it may seem brutal to say that, I cannot blame my friend for his statement.


With the advent of social media, print readership has declined and suffered so much during the past years. Now, everyone is hooked on social media, including newspaper readers, advertisers and companies. Most advertisers post their ads on social media which is very practical in today's struggling global economy.


Many newspapers have already shut down and a great number has terminated the contract of their journalists, in a bid to cut cost and save expenses. I heard that some of my journalist friends have been fired by their newspapers in order to cut the company's budget.


Nowadays, it is common to see the editors of a newspaper write articles with a by-line because of the fact that he or she needs to fill up some pages, since the newspaper has terminated the services of other journalists. I experienced this myself.


As the editor-in-chief of a newspaper, I had to write articles in order to fill up the empty spaces since we do not have a lot of journalists. But I do not consider it a burden. In fact, I feel happy to write for my newspaper because that is where my heart is. Writing is my life!


So, is the newspaper dying out?


I have to admit that it is now in some sort of a limbo. We can expect a decline in the usage and readership of the newspaper but I still believe that it will never die out. Someone said that "The printing industry is not dying and is far from dead because of print's versatility and flexibility as a marketing tool."


Indeed, many newspapers have been around for 4 or 5 decades and still fighting against all odds, which proves that there are still a group of readers who are still "loyal" to the print media.


The joy I get from reading a newspaper, book or magazine cannot be described by words. I grew up surrounded by books, newspapers, magazines and I still have my old collection back in Manila.


Twenty years ago, I read an article that the newspaper or print media would die and nobody would ever pick it up and read it. Now, 20 years after that article was published, we can still find the good old newspaper anywhere in the world.


The newspaper may face many challenges in the near future but I don't believe that it would ever die out. The newspaper is here to stay!