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P.S: I Love you, teacher

P.S: I Love you, teacher

P.S: I Love you, teacher.

By Sara Al Adl

When was the last time that you have received a message from a student expressing his/her appreciation for you as a teacher? If not, think about your teaching styles again. It is not about teaching only. It is about a teacher-student relationship. Teacher-student relationship has been a topic for discussion for ages. 

I believe that we are not only teaching students but also we are forming their characters and taking part in shaping their future. They are a lot of skilled and knowledgeable teachers everywhere but there are few who are friends of their students. 

We all had that one teacher who affected our lives positively or negatively. I have lately read an amazing article for a unique principle and a former teacher who listed some interesting points that a GREAT teacher must-have. 

Enjoy reading them and ask yourself, how many of them have you done. And remember students are not machines. 

10 Things all Great teachers Do.

  1. They Know their students ‘ names. 
  2. They talk to children like adults.
  3. They allow students to ask questions and investigate.
  4. They make things real.
  5. They practice what they preach.
  6. They tell stories.
  7. They trust their children(students).
  8. They tell students that they matter.
  9. They share ideas with the wider community.
  10. Great teachers do not teach, they inspire. 


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