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Preventing Taraweeh Prayer - A necessary step to end Corona

Preventing Taraweeh Prayer - A necessary step to end Corona

Saudi Arabia announced that the prayer held during Ramadan will be performed at home only. The decision is taken after the suspension of mosque prayer to end the pandemic COVID-19.

According to the newspaper Al Riyadh, Saudi Minister of Islamic Affairs Dr. Abdul Latif Al Sheikh has said that the suspension of daily five prayers at the mosques is more important than the suspension of Taraweeh prayers. God will accept the prayers whether it will be performed at home or mosques. We ask Allah the Almighty to accept prayers from all of us and protect humanity from this epidemic that hit the entire world,” Al Sheikh clarified.

Also, the ministry of health and relevant authorities has given instruction to the citizens that only 5-6 family members of a deceased are allowed to perform the funeral prayer for the dead person. This step has been taken in line with the many other precautionary steps of the Saudi government to fight against the infection COVID-19.

Al Sheikh confirmed that obligatory prayers are more important than the funeral prayers in the current situation. So, one can pray individually instead of to gather and pray in a group. At present, the most important duty of everyone is to defeat coronavirus and it is possible only when you stay at home.

The main purpose behind all these strict steps is just to stop the fast-spreading pandemic. And it will be successful only when a large number of people will not gather at the same place, where it spread the infection.

Saudia Arabia is able to manage COVID-19 infection very well in a comparison of other developed nations because of its swift action.

Saudi Arabia has reported a total of 4,462 confirmed cases of coronavirus to WHO as of 12 April 2020.