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Ramadan 2020 - The perfect time to persevere

Ramadan 2020 - The perfect time to persevere

 The first day of the holiest month of Islam ‘Ramadan’ will start on Friday, 24th April 2020.

Normally, family and relatives come together to celebrate this month. The month is an indicator of unity and happiness among the people as well. Though this year, the governments of every country have prohibited social gatherings of any type and maintain social distancing to defeat pandemic COVID-19. It will not be possible together and prayer in the mosque.

On the other side, it is actually a good time for Muslim communities to celebrate the holy month Ramadan. They can enjoy and spend the whole month with their close family members (at home!). It will be the time in which one can make his/her relationship more strong with each member of their family as no one has to go anywhere due to lockdown.

The people who didn’t get time to develop or show their skills due to their hectic work schedule, they can use this month to show their skills with the love of their family members also. Many people around the world have already started cooking, drawing, learning and studying at their home because of the closing of offices, schools, colleges and other workplaces. And in this situation, Ramadan will give a great time to all to develop their family bonding.

There are many online education sites that provide online education facility. So, if you are the one who want to do any course whether for religious knowledge, qualification, or for job promotion and you didn’t get time for that, this month will be a perfect time.

Also, you can help your children to complete their course through many online education sites. There are many online sites available like myCBSEguide (For CBSE students), Coursera (you can find big universities and sharable electronic course certificate), Meritnation (App or class 6-12), Math tricks (to learn mathematical tricks), Mystudygear (Application which makes education and guidance).