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Rethink and digitize to not only thrive but survive

Rethink and digitize to not only thrive but survive

By Stacey Chammaa

Last month I briefly wrote about the importance of upskilling and, rather than building on your existing skillset, the importance of taking the initiative to help address any skill gaps you may have.

With the COVID-19 pandemic prompting a digital revolution, upskilling couldn’t be more of a priority to achieve professional success. 

Companies in every industry across the board are being forced to rethink and digitize to not only thrive but survive. Businesses will need to radically change their business models and most importantly, for you and me, the way their employees conduct business.  

Those able to easily adapt and work in a rapidly increasing digital landscape will be highly sought after. If you’re not already, now is the time to be relentless in developing your skillset especially if you answer yes to any of the below:

  • Could you see your job becoming obsolete now or in the near future? 
  • Are you the only one on the team without a specific talent or skill?
  • Could your scope of work be easily shared amongst the rest of the team? 
  • Are you less productive working from home? 
  • Do you feel overpaid for your current contribution or receive an end of year bonus?

Some employees have struggled to embrace the new normal, desperate to get back to the meeting room floor, however, customers will continue to seek out digital platforms for their necessary products and services. 

Remote and digital will be the preference of the majority, as social distancing becomes the norm, therefore employees need to embrace remote working. The days of hundreds of people packed into one corporate building may be behind us. 

Prior to this pandemic digital channels were seen as a supporting, complementary service. Moving forward they will become the first point of access, with face-to-face interactions becoming less sought after. Even after lockdowns are lifted there will be, amongst many of us, a certain amount of uneasiness as to the safety of our surrounding environment. 

Internet-based services are in high demand, e-commerce has exploded with consumers buying daily necessities, online transactions are seen as a necessity to remain safe; all limiting face-to-face meetings, or eliminating them entirely.  

If you are working in a company that champions a culture of continuous personal and professional development – great. If not, self-development is crucial to reinvent yourself again and again throughout your career. With endless tutorials on Youtube and LinkedIn Learning, creating a multidisciplinary profile (from the comfort of your own home) has never been easier. Be open to developing knowledge and skills in different areas, from copywriting, WordPress, video editing and content design tools. 

But it’s not all bad news, with remote working set to be more widely practised on a more permanent basis, companies can widen their pool of people. For years talented women raising small children and people with disabilities have been out of the running because they can’t physically show up at an office location or undertake a traditional 9-5 day. 

Other positive changes could include an improved work-life balance, less pressure on an individual to work longer hours and less workplace bullying, all resulting in improved quality of life and possibly overall productivity. 

So, with COVID-19 set to have a very big effect on reshaping our digital landscape we must all be relentless, chase every opportunity and strive to stay relevant in what is sure to be the fastest-changing work environment we have ever seen.