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Saudi Arabia Leading Infection Mitigation Globally

Saudi Arabia Leading Infection Mitigation Globally
  • Swift action to tackle COVID-19 by Saudi Arabia.
  • Implements curfew in most highly crowed cities including two holy cities Mecca and Medina.
  • Total death percentage is minimal in comparison to technically strong economies.

To come out from pandemic COVID-19 became a challenge for the whole world today. The coronavirus has affected almost 203 countries and territories of the world. Total confirmed cases of the infection in the world are 1,350,523, total death is 74,834, and the total recovered cases is 285,327 as of now.

Saudi Arabia has taken swift action to tackle the pandemic COVID-19. And this is the reason for the low death and the high recovery rate in the country. The total number of coronavirus infection cases in Saudi Arabia is 2,605 with 203 new cases on Monday.  If we talk about the death toll of the country, it now stands at 38. The death percentage to the total cases of infection is 1.45%. On the other hand, total recoveries are 551.
The total cases of infection in the US are 368,449  and the death toll is 10,993 which is 3% of total infection cases.

The death percentage of Saudi Arabia due to COVID-19 is very less in comparison to most of the strong and technically advanced countries. It shows how Saudi Arabia is leading globally in order to mitigate COVID-19 infection.

The country is adopting full preventive measures in order to minimize the impact of the pandemic. Saudi Arabia has implemented a curfew across all major cities. Residents are now only allowed to go out for essential food or medical supplies, with a limit of 2 people per car and only within their neighbourhood between 6am and 3pm (excluding key workers).

The Saudi Arabia Health minister Dr. Tawfiq Al Rabiah urged people to limit their movement, avoid crowded places and to adhere to the preventive measures. Also, Saudi Haj minister urged Muslims worldwide to hold on Haj plan until a clear picture of COVID-19 comes.

The Saudi Arabia government recently announced a stimulus package of $32 billion to support the economy hit by the coronavirus infection. The package will also support the small and medium firms of the country to stand strong in this hard time.

The fight continues.