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Saudi Arabia to finance treatment for every corona virus patient.

Saudi Arabia to finance treatment for every corona virus patient.

Saudi Arabia is taking almost every step to prevent COVID-19 as soon as possible. And recently the country has announced to finance every patient of coronavirus to defeat the infection from its root.  The agriculture minister has also announced to provide wheat and livestock supplies to the needy amid of coronavirus.
Health Minister Tawfiq Al Rabiah urged citizens to get tested if they are showing symptoms of coronavirus. He informed that King Salman will cover all expenses of COVID-19 patients. So, there no reason remains to hide and spread the infection.

“We all are in the same boat,” King Salman told to a news conference to motivate and remain strong in this situation.

The country has already taken a lesson from the world’s last major coronavirus infection that spread in Saudi Arabia in year the 2012. A weak response to the infection had killed several hundred of people across the region.

Public health officials say, this time the country is better prepared to fight against the pandemic COVID-19. The experience of the hospitals with the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) had already prepared separate units for the patients of Respiratory illness.

“Their Experience with MERS uniquely positioned them because they learned a lot from that,” said Joanna Gaines (US control and disease center), which supplied its only disease expert to the health ministry of Saudi Arabia for many years.

 This major step taken by the Saudi King will help the country to recover soon from this deadly pandemic COVID-19. Also, the country has taken drastic steps to stop the infection like imposing partial curfew where it is required, halting international flights, closing most of the public places, tightened the restriction on entry and exit to Mecca, Medina, Riyadh, and Jeddah.

Saudi Arabia has 2,795 confirmed cases, 615 recovered and 41 deaths from COVID-19 as of now. This data shows a far better situation of the country in comparison to most of the financially and technically strong nations.