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Smile, you’re at work!

Smile, you’re at work!

By Ritika Sharma

Humour is one of the most effective human-bonding tools and one of the most essential elements of communication and still not a very common aspect of our workplaces. Luckily, it is an art we all possess. In this age of social media and internet governed by a culture of memes and GIFs, a little bit of humour makes a lot of difference. Try it for a day.

Dot your day with smiles, jokes, and happy emails, and you will
glide through all the workplace pressure. However, remember that appropriate work-place humour can work wonders and inappropriate workplace humour can also work wonders — but in a manner that you may not like.

Hence, be very careful while using this tool with your choice of words and
expressions. Accept that certain situations will always remain terrible, no matter how funny your joke is, and the audience will neither laugh nor applaud. But, you don’t have to be a stand-up comedian to use a little humour in your day-to-day work life. Here is what you can do instead:

1. If you are stuck in a long boring meeting, or even worse, heading one, spice it up with humour. Keep some light one-liners handy and as soon as you spot a yawn or sense a disinterest, share one.

2. Emails are probably one of the most direct and to-the-point communication implements. Feel free to use some emoticons here and there and to sprinkle a little humour in your email.

3. Big smiles and hand-waves can change the way people look at you. One of the best methods to share your positive energy with people is with a warm handshake and a wide, glistening smile.

4. If you are presenting your idea in the form of a presentation, try doodles, cartoons or short humour videos to retain the attention of your audience. “Benefits?” you ask. If you are happy, you are more productive, and also a more liked team member who not just outperforms, but also encourages others to do better. Small simple steps can have a visible impact on how people perceive you.

Try out! And keep up that smile…yes, the one on your face right now.