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Speak Up…It’s time to raise our voices against Bullying

Speak Up…It’s time to raise our voices against Bullying

It is one of the biggest dangerous problems that can affect a person emotionally, socially, and physically. It can negatively impact mental health on long term
especially on children and teenagers and comes in different forms: verbal, physical, social, sexual, emotional, racist, cyberbullying..etc.

What can we do to prevent bullying especially in our society or at least to reduce it. Starting by schools:

-Having a clear definition that it is aggressive behaviour that involves an imbalance of power and strength.

-Set rules which are age-appropriate.

-Reward positive behaviour.

-Having open communication between teachers and students.

-Working together parents and teachers can provide a consistent approach to introduce more productive behaviours.

Anti-Bullying Campaigns will motivate schools officials to insist that bullying in confronted rather ignored, as these campaigns can help create a systemic change in the culture of schools and society. So let’s get started and
speak more about it through events, advertising, campaigns.

This is our chance to make BULLYING PREVENTION HEARD!!