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“Thank you”

“Thank you”

By Dalia Ibrahim

“Thank you”. How many times do you use this sentence a day? What comes to your mind when you

say it? Does it come out spontaneously, or do you use it only politely? Are you sure you thanked all
those who helped you one day? Did you tell them that without their help you could not have
overcome that particular obstacle in your life?

Did you made them feel valued and that they made a difference being by your side? Is to thank someone something important only ethically speaking, or is it essential also emotionally and psychologically? I believe that a simple “thank you” can make people realize they have a purpose and that they matter.

As a teacher I have been thanked many times for my effort or for the support I gave to my students,
but do teachers thank their students? Do they thank them when they surprise them with their
outstanding performance? Do they thank them for their hard work and commitment? We, as
teachers, usually thank them as part of the feedback we give after any task completed, but do we thank them as human beings able to fill our hearts with happiness and gratitude?

I feel I need a chance to thank my students, not only because they made me proud this year by being engaged and dedicated during these difficult times, but also because they helped me realize I had to work hard myself to develop professionally and to be the teacher they needed and expected to find.

Through this article, I want to thank my grade 12 and grade 11 students for this amazing school year. Thank you for making me realize that teaching is not only about filling your minds with knowledge, but it is about filling your heart with emotions too. Thank you for the memories we made this year, for the good and bad times, for every time you made me go out of the class angry, and for those times I did not want the bell to ring. Thank you for teaching me how to put myself into your shoes and see life through your eyes; thank you for making me feel included and loved every time you wanted me to spend the break with you, instead of sitting in the staff room; thank you for making me feel young again and energetic like never before. Thank you for being you, for being spontaneous in all situations, and for all the love you made me feel during this year.

Thank you for helping me choose suitable topics for our discussions, and tasks that could meet your needs. Thank you for helping me with technology, my geniuses, and most importantly, thank you for being not only my students but also my brothers and sisters.