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The Brevity of Life

The Brevity of Life

By Rashi Rohatgi

 ‘The greatest surprise in life to me is the brevity of life’ -Billy Graham

This quote really struck a chord in me… This pandemic has really made us realize the value of things which we, humans, nonchalantly took for granted. There is no doubt that life is short and by the time this hits home, it is often too late.

If we look at life through the lens of a college student, it may seem endless. The whole world awaits them with open arms. Would they think or even contemplate how fragile or fleeting life is? The bucket list that we all have, is kept on the backburner, for we have all the time in the world… ‘Why waste money now? Let’s save for a rainy day.’ The never-ending battle between our wants and needs mostly ends with our needs emerging victorious.

I remember as little girl when I heard my parents discussing how a celebrity died at the age of 42 …

‘But he was so young…!’

‘Young? But dad, he was 42…!’

In our twenties, we think thirty is big, in thirties we think forty is something and in forties we think fifty is quite a milestone, not knowing that each phase of life brings its own flavour, wisdom, regrets and what-ifs. 

Procrastinating and putting off things that we have been wanting for long many times turns into our regrets. Take that trip if you want to, call that friend you haven’t spoken to years, buy that dress, start that business, learn that instrument, salsa away if that’s what puts joy in your heart and makes you come alive. Don’t think; do.

We must consider practicalities of life but must stop and make the most of our time on earth. Life is long if we know how to use our time wisely. Tick off one item from your bucket list, indulge yourself to one lavish extravagance that makes you wince when you see the bill, pamper yourself when you are down and don’t find logic in everything that you feel and do because life is short and in the end, you are all the investment you’ve got.