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The new way of “living”

The new way of “living”

By Zeina Bachir

The new way of “living” is unprecedented for many of us. Things are scary and uncertain and for most of us it is the first of a kind experience and hopefully will be the last. 

Mind-body interaction has been shown to be important and impressive in achieving the way the body can get itself back to normal function. I am going to share a habit I started few weeks ago to help bring some structure, control and positivity to my day and hopefully to yours as well. 

When Confined to your home, your motivation may waver. Some people find it easier than others to commit to their health in this state. I will share below some ways that may help you.  

Make the most out of your day. 

MANTRA which is a short statement or quote that captures how you want to feel for the day or what you are grateful for It helps to keep you positive and find the brighter side of things. 

  1. Write down how you want your day to be.
  2. How do you want to feel?
  3. What thought do you want to live by today?

ROUTINE! Staying at home can make time feel like one big chunk; we need to split It up! Specify the time for all your activities you have planned throughout the day, including your meals, breaks and nap time. Make a routine and manage your time better. 

  1. Create a schedule and specify timing of activities.
  2. When are you taking a break from work?
  3. What time will you exercise?
  4. What will you eat?

DAILYS MUST Do’s : with “more “ time at home , it is an opportunity to build skills, read books, try recipes, paint and do the things that you have always put aside and said you have no time for them. Prioritize those and make sure you create time for them EVERYDAY.

List out the things that you need to do for YOU?

  1. Time dedicated to learning a skill.
  2. Reading
  3. Journaling
  4. Workout
  5. Talking/Connecting with loved ones!

Knowledge is power, especially where health is concerned.