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By Audrey Oduor

Time they say waits for no one that is an adage I have known ever since I understood what words or sentences meant. You know every human being on earth is given 24 hours a day equally but we spend these hours differently, the funniest thing is that time moves on, one minute you could wake up feeling sick and be hospitalised, the rest of us move on with our lives trying to achieve our objectives within the day, another minute a woman is in labour and a baby is born, the following second a man dies, the reality of life and time.... it goes on.

How do you make use of your time effectively? I find time management as an oxymoron, in most cases, not everyone is able to unravel this contradicting statement you are either too early or a little bit late, but that shouldn't be an issue provided you are within the time...

There's also that notion all over the world, 'it is not yet my time’ or 'my time is also coming ' and the famous one 'this is my time' Have you ever sat down and asked yourself what if time said it is enough?

Will your world go crushing? Will you succumb to time's fate? Will you be happy with the time you've been on earth? Well for every minute you spend on earth, make use of it wisely and effectively. You do not need to climb a mountain or swim in a river full of crocodiles to achieve your objectives but be prepared to face challenges and accept failure for these two are part of the time.

Most successful people in the world have had to overcome failure, lost hours, unsuccessful projects, chaotic friends, over ambitions, stereotypes, frustrations, hatred and weird human beings, detach from negative energy and focus on what builds you.

For all in all, you only have 24 hours a day which could be taken any minute. Make use of your time, it surely waits for no one.