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Tips to get the job you want

Tips to get the job you want


Nowadays, hunting for a job is like “looking for a needle in a haystack.” Nothing could be more frustrating and challenging than applying for a job and getting rejected right then and there. So, what are your chances in applying for a job against thousands of fresh
graduates this year and the “old timers” also applying for the same job? More importantly, how can you get the job you want?
Honestly, unless you plan your “attack” carefully and evaluate the odds against you and act on it wisely, you cannot expect to get your “dream job.” It is a tough world out there.

The competition is getting stiffer and tougher these days and unless you do something to standout from the crowd during the job application, you might join the long list of unemployed people in the long run. The good news is, you can do something to improve your chances of getting your foot in the door and getting hired. How? Here are sure tips to get the job you want:

1. Check and double check your resume before submitting it-A lot of applicants ignore the fact that the resume is one’s own walking advertisement. If you have a badly written resume when you are applying for a job, chances are, it will be thrown immediately into the trash bin. If you want to get the job you are eyeing for, make sure that your resume is perfectly written, meaning no grammatical and
typographical errors. It should have proper margins and indentions. It should contain all the important details of your achievements, past work experiences which are chronologically arranged to make it more readable. And don’t forget to put that nice colored picture of yourself.
A good picture would boost your chance of getting noticed at once.

2. Apply in person- Don’t just send your resume by mail or e-mail. Although there are companies which require applicants to send their resumes by mail or e-mail, a great number of companies still would like to “see the applicant” in person. For all you know, you might be the right person for the job but because the employers did not see you, you lessen your chances of being hired for the job you are
applying for. A face-to-face meeting with the prospective employer is still the best way to get the job you want.

3. Try power-dressing- Power dressing does not mean wearing branded clothes and spending a fortune on your wardrobe but rather carrying the clothes you wear with “confidence” which seems to be saying “I am serious for the job and I am the person you are looking for.” Whether you admit it or not, people normally judge others by what they wear the first time they meet them. If you dress up like a

professional, people will treat you like a professional. If you dress up carelessly especially while applying for a job like wearing too short a skirt and a plunging neckline, you will be sending the “wrong message” to the interviewer and he or she would not consider you as a serious applicant and immediately make a rush judgment of you. Remember to wear the “power colors” in your interview. These
are black, gray, brown and dark blue. These colors will make people notice you the first time they see you thus, making your chances of getting hired greater.

4. Bring your portfolio during the interview- This is important if you really want to bring home the bacon. Organize your past works in a black folder or case and label them carefully. Arrange them in such a way that will catch the attention of everyone who sees it. Your portfolio is like your own walking advertisement. It says a lot of your past jobs and achievements and this would no doubt create an
impression to the interviewer. Make sure it is neat and handy all the time.

5. Smile – This is very crucial. The moment you enter the company you’re applying in, be sure to have a “nice and confident smile.” A smile is contagious. It can melt even the hardest heart and that includes your prospective employer. When you smile you show that you are confident and at ease with yourself. Smile even if you are shaking inside and never let yourself down. You will soon discover the
wonders a smile could do especially when applying for a job.

6. Don’t forget eye contact-This will make or break your chances of getting the job you want. Remember to look directly into the interviewer’s eyes. Do not let your eyes wander around the room or look down on the floor. You have nothing to be ashamed or to be frightened of during the interview so you must look at the
person whom you are talking to. Eye contact tells the interviewer a lot about you. He or she could tell right away whether you are confident or not at first meeting so don’t forget to use eye contact to your advantage.

7. Have the “Voice of Confidence”-Your voice and how you speak tells so much about you. If you speak softly and whisper during the interview, the employer will have second thoughts about hiring you. If you speak too loud or too fast, it would mean that you are nervous and lacking confidence in yourself. Your voice should
be clear and have the proper pitch during the interview in order to show that you are a good communicator and a good speaker. Remember, if you could convince the boss through your voice to hire you, then there’s no doubt you could also convince the other staff that you are the right person for the job.

8. Remember to use “firm handshakes” before and after the interview-Are you afraid to shake hands with your interviewer? Have you tried shaking hands with the boss of the company? If you haven’t yet, then you should try doing so. Your handshake tells more about you than you could ever imagine. If your handshake is limp, people would think of you as a shy person. If your handshake is firm, you exude confidence in whatever you do. Handshake is a part of the business world so if you are really serious about getting the job you want, this is one aspect in job application which you must pay attention to and master.

9. Don’t forget to thank the interviewer – If you are courteous and gracious, the interviewer would appreciate it very much which could work to your great advantage. The words “thank you” like “I’m sorry” and “I love you” could change people’s lives in a moment. And in this instance, the right words could mean that you would get the job you wanted most. Just don’t forget to end the interview with the killer punch line: “Thank you for your time. I hope you would give me a
chance to share my knowledge and talents with your company.”
Remember, you must be noticed the first time. Your over-all performance during the interview will determine whether or not you would get the job you are after. If you follow the simple rules above, there is no doubt you will make a “winning and lasting impression” to the employer and get the job you want. Good luck!