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Try to understand ME!

By Tayiba Mohammad Zahoor

A part from hearing the news of people committing suicide due to certain reasons, it has been witnessed that teenagers, especially students take their lives just because their parents don't understand them. This is a big  issue of our society which has been masked and it needs to be solved. 

There is a kind of tradition going in our society that if a child is born, he/she has to become a doctor or an engineer and this profession is already being chosen by the parents or the family. While the child is growing, parents feed his mind with their thoughts that you have to become a doctor or engineer and no other profession will provide fame than these two. In some cases , parents take this thing so seriously that they fail to understand their own children and they even never bother to listen to them about what they really want to be in their life. If the child fails to fulfil his/her parent's dream then he is considered to be disobedient and is completely abandoned by his own family and the one who succeeds is considered  as the star of the family, this tradition has obstructed the mind of parents which only opens when they receive a call or letter saying “SORRY MOM AND DAD, I COULDN'T DO IT OR YOU NEVER TRIED TO UNDERSTAND ME”. 

A child, needs nothing but the support and understanding from his/her parents. By just hearing the words like “chose whatever field you want, I am with you, I am proud of you my child, I am your friend, share your problems with me , together we will solve it”, will not only motivate them but will encourage them to find a solution to the problem rather than just committing suicide. The understanding between parents and their children is important because when the hurdles of life puts them down, they look for their loved ones to stand by their side and tap on their shoulder that we are with you  and together we will go through this.