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What is PMS and how can we treat PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome)

By Roohi Iqbal Shawl

PMS is a group of symptoms that is related to the menstrual cycle. PMS occurs 1-2 weeks before the periods and goes away within 2 days after we get the periods (monthly bleeding). For some girls it is very cool, but for some it is a nightmare. PMS is very common in teenage girls but can happen in any age group. It is caused due to imbalance of hormones ( estrogen and progesterone).Our symptoms should vanish during our periods. If it does not happen so, we should consult a doctor. There are different types of PMS.

  1. PMS- A (anxiety)

2) PMS-C (craving) 

3) PMS –D (depression)

4) PMS- H (hyperhydration)

There are many treatments for PMS. Some of them are:

1) Eating healthy food which includes dietary fiber, fruits and vegetables.

2) Cut the intake of sugar and fat. 

3) Avoid salt for the last few days before periods to avoid bloating and fluid retention. This would mean avoiding junk food, oily and greasy food.

4) Cut back on caffeine to feel less tensed and irritable. Avoid sugary drinks, coffee or chocolates.

5) Take calcium (1200 mg) and magnesium supplements to prevent premenstrual syndrome. It will prevent craving and mood swings.

6) Eat six small meals to avoid hypoglycamia. Avoid having heavy meals. Eating large amount of food at a time will also make us lazy and with a different feeling.

8) Last but not the least, exercise for 30- 40 minutes for 4-6 days a week reduces the symptoms of PMS. Exercise increases the nutrient absorption and helps in improving our mood. Yoga, meditation helps to relieve stress and anxiety. It is also been seen that if we exercise before our periods, it reduces back pain, headache and improves our mood. So make exercise an important routine of your life. If you are not able to exercise for 30-40 minutes in one go, break it into 10 minutes – 3 times a day.