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Why You Should Love Teaching Online

Why You Should Love Teaching Online

By Inas Adel

Why You Should Love Teaching Online! <3 


Remote classroom control, online tracking and submission of assignments as well as technical issues; those are only three of the challenges we face every day now as online teachers and educators. However, there are many other reasons why you should appreciate and enjoy teaching online. Due to the maddening homestay and the emotional connection we have with our students (yes, we miss our students despite how crazy they sometimes drive us), we fail to see all those amazing advantages of teaching online. Here are ten that I have decided to list to make this a more positive experience for us as teachers:


  • You can get comfy!


You no longer need to dress in formal, uncomfortable clothes or stick to a school dress code. You can just step out into the living room, open the laptop on your favorite spot on the couch, in your favorite pjs and our favorite slippers, and ta da! You’re in class already.



  • No more ‘out of class’ duties!


There are no morning duties, break duties or after school duties. Your whole working time as a teacher is dedicated to learning and teaching activities such as lesson planning , marking, corrections, providing insightful feedback as well as extra support to those students who need it and rarely get it due to all the duties and tasks you are usually bombarded with.



  • Drink Fresh, Hot Coffee For once!


Your morning coffee no longer needs to be lukewarm or cold due to the endless duties you have as a teacher. You are no longer overwhelmed and running between the meetings, classes or photocopying rooms. Enjoy that while it lasts!



  • No ‘bursting bladder’ anymore!


Yes, that seems pretty basic! But you will not believe how many times a teacher has had to ‘hold it in’ to get through back to back classes or finish printing out a few sheets before the next class. Only teachers will understand and appreciate this one! :D 



  • You can teach a class ‘with a view’!


Your remote class is anywhere with internet connection. This could be next to a large, living room window or on your balcony (if you can connect to the internet from it)! And when you get sick of that view, change it!



  • Sit in your favorite spot!


Whether that is a favorite chair, a barcalounger, a lazy boy, a couch, your own dining table, or even your spot in the bed, this favorite spot is where you can conduct all your classes from! Come to think of it, you actually get a chance to sit now in your class! Teachers rarely do that in class because they are busy rotating around the class monitoring students’ work, answering students’ questions and handling class management issues.



  • No more ‘6 a.m’ alarms!


You don’t need to wake up extra early to get dressed, have breakfast and drive all the way to work. You don’t need to consider the commute and the morning traffic jams in your morning routine every day. No, your class is only 5 minutes away!



  • A chance to get creative!


I don’t know about you, but I LOVE interactive online tools and websites. Now, since they are our only option, we have a chance to explore that and try out new technological tools such as interactive gaming websites (Quizziz, Kahoot … etc)  interactive PPT websites (such as Sway, Prezi, Nearpod) as well as online practice assignments and worksheets with instant feedback and online correction.



  • More time for your own personal development


Remember all those boring PDs you were dragged into in your school? Now, you don’t need that anymore because this whole online learning process is a PD! It’s an actual ‘hands on’ experience. You are learning, every single day, new online teaching tactics and gaining new skills. There are also multiple online courses that you can take to help you become an online educator, and many teaching websites are providing free webinars and crash courses that you can attend to boost your skills and enhance your profile as a teacher.



  • We realize how much we truly love and miss our students!


Most teachers will now realize that during their online class, they can tell who is speaking from their 30 students without having to leave the PPT or shared screen to check his or her name. This is why we, as teachers, always call them ‘our kids’, not our students. Yes, they sometimes drive us crazy in class. Yes, they sometimes make us question why we decided to be teachers in the first place :D But I am sure that this remote experience has made every teacher, like myself, realize how much he or she misses her students and how much they would love to see them and interact with them in person instead of behind a screen. We need to remember this sometimes, as this is the whole essence of teaching; everything we do, we always do for our kids.