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Your Everlasting Career Motivation

Your Everlasting Career Motivation

As a job seeker, your ultimate goal is finding the career that keeps you enthusiastic and motivated. It's the career that is based on your passions, skills, and aptitudes, and matches your personal traits as well. When it comes to personal traits, you want to pay keen attention to find out where you are within a full diversity of characteristics. You might be an outgoing person who enjoys communicating with people. Or maybe you prefer researching and data analysis. Perhaps you prefer a career that involves one well-defined activity, or you want to have a career that requires a variety of activities. Maybe you're good at leadership, or you're the superb executor of your job responsibilities. Perhaps you like to carry out one task at a time, or you enjoy multitasking. Such personal traits intuitively affect how you pursue your career, and how far you will stay enthusiastic about it. And that's what this post will walk you through.
Identify your personality type

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a well-known test. Check out this article on the MBTI personality types along with the optimum jobs for each type in a variety of career niches. See:

The MBTI is designed to indicate psychological preferences in how people perceive the world around them and make decisions. This approach is based on four major aspects: Interaction with the world, absorption of information, decision making, and organization.

Interaction with the world: You're either an introvert or an extrovert.
If you're an introvert, then you prefer to work alone or in a small team. Your pace is rather deliberate, and you hate multitasking. If you're an extrovert, then you love working with people. Your pace is rather quick, and you're good at multitasking. Absorption of information: You're either a sensor or an intuitive. If you're a sensor, then you focus on facts rather than possibilities and can see the details. When a problem comes around, you tend to find a solution by following the common sense and the past experience. If you're intuitive, then you focus on possibilities rather than facts. You can see the overall picture and can easily spot patterns. And when a problem appears, you seek a creative solution to deal with it.

Decision making: You're either a thinker or a feeler.
If you're a thinker, then you're honest and fair. You make your decisions based on a deliberate logical analysis. If you're a feeler, then you're sensitive and cooperative. You pay careful attention to how people could be affected by your actions. Organization: You're either a judger or a perceiver.  If you're a judger, you tend to be organized and prepared. You're an outstanding planner and an excellent achiever of plan-based goals.

If you're a perceiver, you prefer to give yourself a space of freedom. Aside from the intuitive rigid nature of plans, your plans are flexible and have a variety of options. Now, let's explain that. As per the MBTI, there are 16 types of personality. Take the test at the end of this post, and find out which type you are. As well as which career is the best fit for you in a variety of niches. In addition to personality types, there is another major worrisome topic that keeps every job seeker asking; what is the career that will meet my expectations and keep me enthusiastic? The answer comes from Tory Higgins and Heidi Grant who are, respectively, the director and the associate director for the Motivation Science Center at Columbia University. Check out their article on this topic.

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In this article, the two experts point out that the career that will keep you constantly enthusiastic is the one that meets up with your motivational fit. 

What is the motivational fit?
As social psychologists explain, the motivational fit is the degree of alignment between what a person expects from a job and what the job actually offers. Obviously, it's the key factor that determines whether a person will remain satisfied with their job or not. In this respect, there are two types of perspectives; the promotion focus and the prevention focus.  Promotion focus is thinking of future goals as opportunities for getting rewarded. It's focusing on the success that could be made if the goals were achieved.Prevention focus is thinking that future goals are good as long as they offer security. It's focusing on the loss that might be incurred if the goals were not achieved. 

If your promotion focus is dominating, then you're an adventurer. Taking risk is your passion. Working quickly is your style. When a problem appears, it's the time when your creative nature shines. As you have an extraordinary capability to contrive multiple solutions. You're not missing a single looming chance, and continuously growing your business. But watch out! Your tendency to work quickly leaves you liable to making lots of mistakes. And your passion of taking risks might get your business into trouble.

If you're prevention focus is dominating, then you're thorough and watchful, paying keen attention to details. You're the type of person that can predict future scenarios. Analytical thinking and research are the areas where you shine. You're keen on fulfilling your commitments and your work is largely flawless. You can detect a threat a mile away, and take the procedures that will proactively protect your business. But take care! Keen diligence takes time. And you might be missing out on many opportunities to make career advancement as you’re following the adage "better safe than sorry". 

What is the career that matches your motivational fit?
As for motivational fit, organizational psychologists divide careers into two main categories: the artistic and investigative careers and the conventional realistic careers. If you're promotion focused, your optimal career is artistic and investigative. It's a career in which you'll be rewarded for your creative and innovative thinking. Example careers include copywriters, musicians, and consultants. If you're prevention focused, your optimal career is conventional and realistic. It's a career in which you'll be rewarded for your thoroughness and careful execution of the rules. Example careers include technicians, accountants, and manufacturing workers.

If you're an entrepreneur planning to establish your own business
Then you want to have both your promotion focus and prevention focus balanced out. The promotion focus gives you the prolific imagination that creates products/services and find out innovative solutions. And your prevention focus gives you the thorough thinking that can anticipate the feasibility of the products/services that you create, as well as the anticipating mind that predicts future scenarios. And if you have a dominating focus whether it's promotion or prevention, seek out a suitable partner so that you can bring the promotion-prevention perfect balance into reality.

Now your turn
Take some time to go through the MBTI test. You will find out what personality type you are. Along with an overview of the optimum career niches that will keep your motivation soaring high. 

Enjoy the test. Spot the career that keeps you energetic. And share your results with us to inspire other job seekers like you.

By Dua  | On 2018-01-01