KK Company, s.r.o. was founded in 1993. During this period has undergone various kinds of business in the manufacturing sector (production in the food industry, textile manufacturing, power catamarans), services (photo services, restaurants, hotel services) and rental property. At present the company's portfolio consists of four basic pillars: 1. KK Company logistic park with an area of 40,000 square meters (www.kkcompany.sk) 2. hotel services - Hotel Kaskady**** (www.hotelkaskady.sk) 3. golf resort – Tri Duby Golf Resort (www.tridubygolf.sk) 4. financial Services - KT Service Equity (www.ktservice.sk) In their societies company employs over 200 employees and is one of the major employers in central Slovakia and guarantee strong position in the market. Over the last five years the company has invested in its subsidiaries over 20 million Euros, with a view to the next 5 years, the planned additional investment of 25 million Euros. KK Company is also actively involved in development project and expansion of services related to leisure activities. Our strategic goal is to create a large group of companies affecting Slovak tourism in Banská Bystrica and surroundings.