Arkad Engineering & Contracting Co

ARKAD is proudly the largest locally Saudi Arabian established and owned energy services company with a growing global portfolio, recognized for our world-class capabilities – as an innovative, delivery focused transformational learning organization. Our assets and projects are renowned for their safety, reliability and efficiency for delivery, Today, we continue to be at the forefront of our industry by seeking to grow new markets globally. Headquartered in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia,

our core team has grown to more than 8,500 employees. As a team, we have established our credentials of being a comprehensive, single-point service provider for multiple energy sector industries.

Currently we own and operate the world’s largest fleet of pipeline construction side booms and associated welding equipment technology. We continue to expand our capabilities in marketing, developing disruptive technology (R&D) to enable value creation in reducing client’s costs for services and have enduring strong relationships developed over the last 5 years with foundation customers throughout the Middle Eastern region.