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We offer a few unique positions which include:


The position has entirely flexible working hours and doesn't require anything else than your time and dedication to get results. You can freely use youtube channel, facebook, twitter, instagram, blog, forums etc - literally anything else you can think of to spread the word and increase the traffic of our website which will lead to sold products within video game industry. You can do it whenever you want it, however, you want it so results are entirely up to you and your dedication. For this type of the job, you will be offered a unique 10% discount code which if used by anyone from your potential viewers/readers will grant you a certain percentage of their purchase as earnings. That 10% can be split however you like it, you can, for example, set it in a way in which it gives 5% discount to viewers/readers you get to and 5% of what they pay will go to you, it is as well possible to set it in a way in which it gives them 7% discount and 3% goes to you, or another way around, 3% to customers and 7% to you. That's flexible and can be adjusted to your needs and expectations.

Booster/Professional Player

For this position, you will need an in-game experience in one of the games which we currently have in offer, World of Warcraft, World of Warcraft Classic, Apex Legends, Overwatch. If you claim the highest rank in any of the given games and you look for a dream job don't hesitate and apply, we are always open for new players.


For this position you would need an in-game experience in World of Warcraft or World of Warcraft Classic, we look for people able to handle character leveling service, people who can farm materials for professions or gather in-game currency (gold). Apply if you are sure that you have enough time and you can dedicate time to it.

If you would be interested in any type of position feel free to apply in our jobs section here:

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Discord - rushboost#3828

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