Preferred Itech Care Pvt. Ltd.

Internet Service Provider in Pithoragarh 

Preferred Itech Care offers high-speed Wi-fi, Broadband, and Fiber Optic Internet Service in Pithoragarh and entire

Uttarakhand with the speed of 100 Mbps with an uninterruptible internet connection so that the commercial and individuals can be fulfilled by dedicated internet connectivity.  We are the most striving Internet service provider in Pithoragarh and reaching out the people across Uttarakhand, with one motive and that is to deliver our valued customers the best Internet and Wi-fi services in Pithoragarh and Uttarakhand.


Whether it's an individual or a business both need a high-speed and dedicated internet connection for their personal and professional usage and we an internet service provider come up with the satisfactory Wi-fi and Optic Fibre Internet connection for our valued customers across Pithoragarh and Uttarakhand.


We provide Internet speed over 100 Mpbs with the scheme of limited offers at a reasonable amount for the internet speed.