TAC for Training & Consultation
  • Health Center district of Granada, وادي العين، Ghirnatah, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

TAC for Training & Consultation, Riyadh,                                                    

Job title: Training & Operation Manager / Academic Manager

Main tasks and achievements:

  • Training needs Evaluation for Target Customers & Developing training plans for individuals.
  • Developing the company's internal training programs, and external programs to identify efficiency gaps.
  • Coordinating with material experts regarding educational design.
  • Providing training programs using recognized training techniques and tools.
  • Facilitate learning through a variety of delivery methods including classroom teaching, virtual training and on-the-job training, and keeping records of the trained employees.
  • Designing and implementing evaluation tools to measure training effectiveness, evaluating and tracking training outcomes.
  • Evaluating and providing recommendations about training materials and methodologies.

Operating, management and implementing a lot of training projects and programs with a number of major government agencies