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How should you look in a job interview

Published By  Amira Alsuraihi | On 2017-09-23

Once we get a phone call informing us that we made it to the job interview, most of us get nervous and begin to wonder; “what am I supposed to wear?”

Now we all know that what we wear is not on the interviewer's priority list, rather our skills and experience are. However, the way we present ourselves and the first impression we make has a huge impact on the employer. And yes first impressions do matter, you wouldn’t want to invest your time and efforts in adjusting that once you get hired. Therefore, here is what you need to keep an eye on.

Know more about the company:

In order to have a better idea of what outfit you should wear; do a bit of a research on the company’s background. For instance, there are companies that are business professional, meaning that on a daily basis you have to wear suits, dishdasha/kandora/thoub (traditional dress for males in the GCC) and formal Abayas (traditional dress for females in the GCC)

Such companies are usually the governmental sectors. It is not advisable to go for an interview wearing a casual outfit and loud colors.

There are other companies with a business casual dress code. In such companies, you can add a bit ofcolor to your outfit in order to make it lively, but keep it simple and avoid neon colors.

For him


 blue and black are the best According to a survey published on a prominent careers sitecolors to wear; they convey an impression of professionalism, trust and confidence. Avoid ties with loud colors and make sure it is a regular tie not a skinny one.


For men’s dress (GCC men):

White is the formal color, make sure you wear a formal headpiece along (Kamma or Ghetra and Eigal) and avoid wearing casual hats or flip-flops.

Tips for her


Make sure that your abaya is neat and does not contain loud colors even if it is summer. Ditch abayas with weird designs that will be a source of distraction to your interviewer. You want them to focus on what you say not what you wear. Your abaya may contain some warm colors such as beige and white, but they should not be the overtaking color, as black is still considered the formal color.


Make sure you have neat nails and avoid flashycolors. Wear high heels, it is recommended that they be one of the following styles: stiletto, scarpin, kitten or peep toe style. Just like your nail color, avoid heels with loud colors.

You may wear accessories if you want but the trick here is to keep it simple and neat, even if the trend suggested the opposite.


As for the hairdo (for the non-hijabis), a neat ponytail or a loose hairdo will make you look fabulous as long as you do not have long hair (to the extent that it would reach your waist), but if you do so, then maybe you would want to consider doing a trendy bun style hairdo.

For him and her:

You would want to smell good in your interview. Be considerate to the type and amount of perfume you put on because there are people who are allergic to certain scents specially the floral ones. The best pick would be perfumes with fresh scents.

Good luck with your next job interview, and remember you can be simple and fashionable.

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