30 Nov, 2022

Operation Theater Head nurse

  • New Mowasat Hospital
  • Kuwait City, Kuwait
Full time Health Care

Job Description

Operational Duties:

  1. Leads the clinical governance and quality for operating theatres and day surgery.
  2. Ensures systems are in place to be Professional Lead for nurses and other support staff.
  3. Identifies blockages and improves patient efficiency within Theatres – lead, facilitate and implement change accordingly.
  4. Devolves responsibility for budget of Theatre, Day Surgery and CSSD.
  5. Manages OR staff including manpower planning, recruitment, retention, appraisal, CPD and performance.
  6. Influences and negotiates with doctors and managers to achieve optimum efficiency of theatre utilization and day surgery.


  1. Provides leadership, support and advice to all staff; provides strong, facilitative, and effective clinical leadership.
  2. Identifies, develops and implements new initiatives to provide a timely and cost effective service.
  3. Works in partnership with the Clinical Director- Anesthesia in the development and implementation of improvement initiatives.
  4. Leads projects as part of the core management team in relation to theatres and day surgery.

Clinical Governance & Quality

  1. Implementation of Hospital policies, development of specialist policies, Clinical Governance frameworks, JCI & ACI compliance, service audit and benchmarking, liaising with national and international bodies in relation to theatres and day surgery.
  2. Reviews delivery and quality of patient care systematically through robust plans, incorporating clinical audit in relation to theatres and day surgery.
  3. Utilizes and critically evaluates information to enhance peri-operative practice, ensuring patient safety at all times.
  4. Works closely with other clinicians to promote multidisciplinary approaches to care.
  5. Continuously reviews theatre off duties and staff utilization, to ensure optimum staffing levels and safe standards of patient care with financial constraints.
  6. Ensures effective investigation and responses to complaints and clinical incidents in relation to theatres; in collaboration with the Nursing Services Manager and Quality Services Manager.
  7. Responds to and acts promptly with regards to clinical incidents within theatres; ensures effective investigation, coordination and reporting, and educates the staff to avoid the event of reoccurrence in the future.

General Management

  1. Participates in the Nursing Management Team and makes operational judgments relating to Theatre Services, Day Surgery and CSSD.
  2. Devolves management of the theatre budget and takes every reasonable action to ensure financial balance.
  3. Develops service provisions, on a continuous basis, to ensure it meets the needs of the patient and the Hospital.
  4. Maintains and manages up-to-date records of staff absence, education and training; takes necessary actions in line with Hospital policy.
  5. Retrieves, analyzes and interprets information from the Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) in order to improve theatre efficiency and service delivery.

Education Role

  1. Supports the Nurse Educator in the design and delivery of programme and activities/education that meets the requirements of all staff and the Hospital.
  2. Promotes a learning environment to include the development of teaching programmes in liaison with the Nurse Educator and senior staff within the theatre department.

Professional Development

  1. Ensures evidence-based practices in the Department and participates in research/audit when required.
  2. Maintains an enthusiastic, innovative, creative, and development style of leadership promoting patient centered practice.
  3. Identifies development needs and draws up a personal development plan for discussion at appraisal and objective setting.
  4. Ensures and monitors adherence to all relevant professional guidance and maintenance of professional portfolios.

Total Patient Experience

  1. Ensures that a high personal profile is maintained with staff and patients. Contributes personally to the delivery of direct patient care.
  2. Sets and monitors the standards of service delivery to Patient environment for cleanliness, tidiness, appropriate maintenance, repairs, linen & laundry service, and patient facilities e.g. décor, furniture amenities and information access.
  3. Ensures attendance at the following groups:
  • Clinical Governance and Quality Council Committee
  • Operating Room Committee
  • Other committees as may be required from time to time.

Hospital Organizational Expectations

  1. Acts as an advocate for the Hospital; through creating and maintaining effective partnerships and relationships with staff, patients and the general public.
  2. Supports the Hospital culture of collaborative, flexible cross-team working and commitment to delivering quality services and outcomes.
  3. Complies with Clinical Governance & Quality Council structure to upkeep the set Hospital principles and standards.

Shared Core Functions

  1. Contributes proactively and positively to the achievement of patient care through individual and team effort.
  2. Supports team members to deliver their functional/relevant objectives through offering teaching, training, advise, and guidance and support as appropriate.
  3. Manages departmental activities and controls risks; ensures that approved budgets are spent effectively and in accordance with agreed procedures.
  4. Liaises with clinicians and the wider multi-disciplinary team to improve theatre efficiencies and productivity. Builds and sustains effective communications with other roles involved in the shared projects, programmes or tasks as required.

Increases the level of knowledge and skills within the Hospital; identifies and supports key learning and training and supports others to develop their professional abilities.


All Nationalities


Bachelors, Masters

Required Languages


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