19 Oct, 2020


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Job Description

Carry out and lead the duties of maintenance, testing, calibrating and operation of fixed and portable firefighting and fire detection equipment, oil spill equipment and all safety evacuation appliances. Implement approved scenarios, exercises, emergency drills, training for Tactical Response Teams, oil spill response teams, fire watch and Helideck teams.

Hold responsibility of maintenance and availability of personal life saving equipment appliances.   

  • Perform preventive maintenance on the various types of fixed and portable fire, safety and lifesaving equipment comprising complete servicing, repairing, checking, calibrating, and supervising blanket contractor and contracted personnel while undertaking maintenance & overhauling work as well as oil spill fighting equipment maintenance, all through MAXIMO system.
  • Conduct and monitor periodical inspection on fixed firefighting systems (Halon, C02, deluges, sprinklers, water, foam and dry powder), inspect, test and maintain fire hoses, hydrants, monitors, isolation valves and couplings.
  • Witness periodic functional testing of critical safety equipment (e.g. Fire pumps, Fire monitors/hydrants, gas and toxic gas mobile detection equipment), through MAXIMO system.
  • Perform inspection and maintenance of the safety life support equipment e.g. breathing apparatus, escape sets, portable gas monitors, safety harnesses and protective personal equipment.
  • Procurement of required safety consumable inventories of firefighting foam, gases & powders and lifesaving equipment (e.g. life rafts & life jackets and spares), portable gas and toxic detection devices, breathing apparatus & escape sets, firefighting bunkers & special gears, fire hoses, and oil spill fighting equipment.
  • Organize, execute and monitor regular practical training on firefighting / emergency drills for Tactical Response Teams on the proper use of the fixed, portable and mobile firefighting equipment and systems. Provide guidance of Fire Safety and Rescue to the On-Scene-Commander, in addition to life boat coxswain (Life Boat Captains & Mechanics) training.
  • Operate test, and lead the crafts for periodic inspection of life saving equipment such as life boats, life raft in addition to their basic maintenance.
  • Guide and follow up onsite contractor Safety Technicians.
  • Assist and lead UAE developees to follow their training programs till integration.
  • Carry out administrative duties such as filling pre-designed forms and reports on fire/safety equipment maintenance, inspection, testing and inventory.
  • Prepare and actively participate in safety critical equipment audits, Fire Fighting, Search & Rescue, emergency response team, HLO's competency audits by COMPANY and certifying third parties. Prepare for COMPANY recertification & surveillance audits of accredited certifications.

Minimum Qualification

  • Completion of secondary technical education (12 years) or equivalent, plus safety specialized diploma (2 years) or higher.

Minimum Experience & Knowledge & Skills

  • Minimum 10 years extensive practical experience in Operation and maintenance of fire management and lifesaving activities in offshore oil/gas production using modern firefighting methods and all related equipment & gas detection, oil spills, dynamic firefighting assessments and training on the basic entitlements linked to this post.
  • Professional Certifications

    • NEBOSH / IOSH or equivalent,
    • Competency Assessor SVQ Level 8 or equivalent,
    • ICS 100
    • Diploma in Passive Fire Protection.  
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