21 Feb, 2021

Demand and Supply Planning Specialist

  • Al Daajan Holding
  • Ar Rass Saudi Arabia
Full time Purchasing-Procurement

Job Description

The Job holder is responsible to ensure that the supply of materials meet the production schedule and minimum stock levels to ensure operational and production continuity. Able to deliver efficient, effective and flexible solutions to meet production requirements.

• Implement and maintain Inventory and Material Management Strategies for all Finished Goods by regular review and optimization of inventory parameters and levels.
• Receive sales order details from sales team along with marketing orders from marketing team.
• Responsible for executing a detailed plan for each sales channel, putting into consideration the capacity of production and the requested date of delivery.
• Review the raw materials storage versus the purchases needed each period based on the demand and communicating it with the purchasing team.
• Oversee the availability of the needed materials for production and the sequence of delivery and production versus the plan.
• Ensuring the flexibility of the plan for the optimum efficient and effective results.
• Ensure internal system is updated in terms of orders and storage, ensuring there is always a safety stock to prevent not meeting up with the demand.


All Nationalities

Years of Experience




Required Languages

English, Arabic

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