February 23, 2024
Business World

Why Saudi trumps the US & UK for Expats

In the ever-evolving landscape of global employment, an unexpected front-runner has emerged, charming professionals worldwide with its unique blend of benefits, culture, and quality of life. Yes, we’re talking about Saudi Arabia – a gem in the heart of the Middle East, now increasingly seen as a top destination for work, surpassing traditional powerhouses like the UK and US.

First off, Saudi Arabia boasts a remarkably low crime rate. It’s so low that finding a crime here might be harder than finding a needle in a haystack – if the haystack were the size of the Arabian desert, that is. This exceptional safety record offers peace of mind that’s hard to price.

Exceptional Healthcare and Cost of Living

The healthcare system in Saudi Arabia, particularly for expatriates, is something to write home about. Provided by employers, it’s not just high quality; it’s immediate. The cost of living in Saudi Arabia is about 20% of what you’d expect in London, allowing for a life of comfort and savings.

No income tax – yes, you read that right. Working in Saudi Arabia means what you earn is yours to keep, unlike in the UK and US where a significant portion of your earnings goes to taxes.

Cultural Richness and Welcoming Community

The culture and people in Saudi Arabia are as rich as their oil reserves. Warm, welcoming, and with a rich heritage, the Saudi way of life is an experience in itself, blending tradition and modernity.

In summary, Saudi Arabia offers a compelling package for professionals seeking a change. With its near-nonexistent crime rate, exceptional healthcare, low living costs, tax-free income, and a vibrant culture, it’s a wonder why this haven isn’t more of a global hot topic.

“Perhaps it’s time to consider swapping your umbrella for a sunhat and your tax returns for beach weekends. After all, in the land of sand and sun, the only thing you might miss is the rain – and even that’s a maybe!”

A New Perspective on Work and Life

So, here’s to discovering the unbeatable advantages of working in Saudi Arabia, a destination that’s not just about career opportunities but also about embracing a unique lifestyle.